Sharing My Space


In August of 2018 I moved into a tiny studio apartment above a garage in little Wilmore, Kentucky. At about 450 square feet, the space is noticeably small but it’s also cozy and plenty big enough for me and my cat, Jackson. This is the first place I’ve lived entirely on my own with no roommates and I took the opportunity to decorate and lay it out to my heart’s content. I love interior design and relished the idea of making this space exactly what I wanted (within a budget, of course).

Over the last couple of years I scoured thrift stores and clearance aisles for the perfect low-cost pieces of furniture and decor. Almost all of my furniture is second-hand, but I was able to take my time and find stylish pieces that work for me. Recently, I had the honor of sharing my little studio apartment with Apartment Therapy readers. I filled out their “House Tour” Submission form and was selected to be featured on the site!

My place isn’t perfect — there’s some clutter, some eyesores, and things I’d love to upgrade — but it’s mine and I’m very happy with the home I’ve made here (even if I do envy those with more space for books…)

You can see the whole apartment therapy article (complete with more photos) at the link below!

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